Since the door to the house was locked, Vivian left to wait out by the car, watching everything through the vision of Gerald and Andre. After discovering that Cassio had been taken to a hospital, they decided to head there and meet with him. While at the hospital, they spoke with the attending physician, and after a very mysterious tapping sound was heard over the speakers, they went to Cassio’s room and discovered that he was missing.


Andre and Gerald began to see the events of Cassio’s leaving unfold before them. Gerald managed to see resonance of a spell cast by someone, the spell was cold and dark. This spell influenced Cassio, and caused him to take his files on Kayne’s investigation and put them in the briefcase and leave. After eating lunch Andre and Gerald head to work. After work Vivian gives a very moving speech to address the spreading rumor of the murders in the area. After the speech the group went out for Gelatos and met back at Vivian’s place to discuss the new news. Vivian calls Adriana telling her about Cassio, but Vivian is informed that Cassio called in sick and is at home. After requesting that Adriana send someone to go check on Cassio, Andre and Gerald receive message to go check on Cassio. All three of them arrive at the house and prepare to enter…


Gerald and Andre went to a restaurant after investigating the crime scene. Vivian went to go try and find information about Kayne’s disciples. Vivian calls them after she finishes looking through books at the Mysterium archives. She then calls Andre and meets them at the restaurant. After eating she leads them to her new penthouse and discusses what all they have learned. After a short discussion everyone returns home. The next day Andre and Vivian head to work. Gerald heads to Cassio’s office to discuss a briefcase that Cassio discovered. When he gets there he discovers that that Cassio is missing. He calls Andre and begins investigating around Cassio’s office for any clue to where he may be…


Vivian, Andre, and Gerald all met for lunch for the first time in several months. Vivian has been busy with the election and Andre and Gerald have both been training within the Adamantine Arrow. During their meeting Vivian received a call from Adriana asking her to head to a murder scene. Gerald received a similar call asking him to the murder scene as well. At the scene there was a family of four, all dead. Andre, with the help of Gerald’s partner Cassio, looked into the past with postcognition and discovered that each family member’s soul was taken and the little girl was forced into an awakening before her soul was taken. These murderer’s were disciples of Kayne.


While on a camping trip int Germany to celebrate their high school graduation. The sound of a loud drumbeat began to sound in the distance. The party were then attacked by undead wolves. Each member of the party awakened at this moment, allowing their power to destroy the wolves and save them. Then Markus and Adriana appeared. They began trying to explain what was happening when a large spike of power was felt in the distance. The large spike of power was Gerald’s younger brother Celio being awakened. His awakening not only killed him, but the man who attacked them Kayne as well. Markus and Adriana escorted the party back to Italy, and began telling them about the world of the Awakened.


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