Andre Grey


Sex: Male Age: 23 Hair: White (worn short and spiky) Eyes: Grey Height: 5ft 8in Weight: 150lbs Path: Acanthus Order: Adamantine Arrow Legacy: The Awakening Gambit


Lucky Coin: A gift from The Awakening Gambit upon mastery of the first Attainment. It is a silver coin. On one side (“heads”) is an hourglass with most of the sand in the top bulb, on the other side the hourglass is nearly empty with only a few grains of sand remaining. On both sides, as a backdrop to the hourglass, is an atlantean star. Andre uses this coin as his Focus for his Fate and Time abilities.

Ancient Ring: The only hint Andre has to his true lineage, a ring he has had since birth. Though he wore it around a chain on his neck when he was younger, he now wears it on the thumb of his right hand. The ring is silver, and looks like a remarkably life-like vine. Only when he awakened did he, with the assistance of his mentor, learn that it was an ancient artifact which gives him the ability to heal himself.


Andre can best described as always looking like he knows something funny that you don’t. Quick to laugh and rarely serious, his friends know him as the guy who, when the shit starts flying, always comes out smelling of roses.

This is not to say he is a coward or avoids confrontation, Andre just has a unique outlook on ‘laziness’. Whereas others most lazy simply are simply inactive or apathetic, Andre takes it a step further by being so lazy that he does whatever is required to make life easier on him. For example, he always makes sure to stay in shape so as to make instances where physical exertion is unavoidable easier on him. He’s well known for always finding shortcuts out of any situation and his training with the Awakening Gambit, never mind his abilities as a Mage of the Path of Acanthus, have only honed this natural ability and made him an expert strategist.

Andre is easily recognizable due to his white hair and grey eyes. Though he often wears a cap or makes use of his Mind magic when a situation requires being incognito.

Andre knows little of his birth or his true parents, he was abandoned in Italy with nothing more than the silver ring he now wears. The fact that the ring was later discovered to be an Atlantean Artifact of considerable power has made many of his teachers suspicious of his true parent hood.

Andre Grey

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