Vivian Rowe

Charismatic rebel leader


Vivian Rowe is somewhat short, standing only 5’1. She has a small, athletic build. She has dark chocolate brown hair that falls in waves to just below her shoulders. Her skin is dusky and contrasts sharply with her bright blue eyes. She is exceptionally beautiful with a very exotic look. She dresses in an elegant and modern way. All of which serves to make her a very captivating person who often catches the eye of those around her.


Alexia was born as the only child of a wealthy Eastern European family. Her father was a doctor and her mother taught at a University. However, war ravaged her home country and her parents were forced to flee. They moved to Italy when she was a small child and have since rebuilt their lives. However, they still talk about their old home and curse the war that made them leave the land their family had lived on for generations. Partially because of this, Alexia grew up very political. In high school, she ran for positions such as class president. Once in these positions, she was very active, often making drastic reforms to nearly everything within her power. She has never been the type to promise things she couldn’t deliver because it’s what she thinks they want to hear. If she said she would do things, they got done. These radical changes under her quickly got her dubbed as “our lady of the revolution” in the school paper and her friends still call her lady sometimes when they feel like teasing her. She had intended to go into politics when she graduated college and to work to reform the political situation in Italy. And her Awakening only changed her plans slightly. She skipped college and quickly became involved in free council politics. Her great leadership qualities and charismatic personality allowed her to quickly move up the ranks until after only four years she became the youngest leader of a city’s free council ever.

Vivian Rowe

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