Beginning of Arc 2 6/20/2010

Vivian is in her office, speaking with Adriana about the current investigation, when her phone rings. Paladin Ignazio requests her presence at a street corner that evening. He tells her to bring some friends. Vivian contacts both Andre and Gerald, requesting them to join her in meeting Ignazio. Their day continues, uneventful, then the time of the meeting rolls around. Almost when the group is ready to give up on Ignazio showing up, a scream is heard from a nearby alley. They rush to the alley, and come across a creature, that strikes fear within them, causing Andre and Gerald to become paralyzed. Ignazio finally appears, scaring the creature off, but not until it manages to deal a devastating blow to Gerald. Ignazio leads the three to the nearest church, carrying the dead girl within his arms.



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