Gerald used sense life to find discover that Cassio was running from the hospital. Upon exiting the hospital, the drum pattern of Kayne could eb heard clearly in the distance. He chased after Cassio while Vivian and Andre ran to the car and followed from their. Gerald’s senses lead him to a large park, with several groups of trees in several locations. Gerald, began to slow down and search for an ambush, then he heard gunshots in the distance. He began to run in that direction, and heard another pair of gunshots. When he found Cassio, he was surrounded by 4 undead wolves. After saving Cassio, all four of them went to Cassio’s house to hear his story.


Despite how quickly the whole thing seemed to of gone by, the stress of the situation made it seem as if hours had gone by. I suppose it’s not everyday that you’re faced by undead wolves.


It was so strange, why was he running to that spot? What called him there? Can he be trusted? Who is behind all this? I bet it’s that Snake who’s trying to steal my position.


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