Gerald and Andre went to a restaurant after investigating the crime scene. Vivian went to go try and find information about Kayne’s disciples. Vivian calls them after she finishes looking through books at the Mysterium archives. She then calls Andre and meets them at the restaurant. After eating she leads them to her new penthouse and discusses what all they have learned. After a short discussion everyone returns home. The next day Andre and Vivian head to work. Gerald heads to Cassio’s office to discuss a briefcase that Cassio discovered. When he gets there he discovers that that Cassio is missing. He calls Andre and begins investigating around Cassio’s office for any clue to where he may be…


This is all really bad timing. I thought my luck was a little better than this… Oh well, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. The name Kayne is like a nightmare from my past. that should be a relief really, nightmares bow before me and I will make this one as well. And yet, I feel so useless right now. Here is this threat and I can’t seem to do anything to protect my people. All I can do it lie to them. The lie won’t save them but it will make them feel better. I don’t want to be the one to tell them what they want to hear, I want to tell them the truth so they can prepare themselves and possibly help capture these sick bastards. I want them to see the danger and face it side by side, but there go my utopian desires again. But either way, I will do what it takes to protect them. On a lighter note, it was good seeing Andre and Gerald again after so long. Leave it to Gerald to start making things awkward, but it’s ok, i got him back. Perhaps they can do what I cannot and capture these people. And finally, on to my final problem, retaining the position where I am able to protect them. it seems almost odd that this Cormier guy shows up at the same time as K.D. i wonder if they are connected somehow, I must find out more about this guy. I will defeat him, no matter what. No one can protect them like I can, and I won’t let some upstart come in and then abandon them soon after.


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