As the crowd from Daryl’s speech dies down, Andre and Vivian try and gather information about the speech and the attacks. Afterwards, they meet up again and head over to Vivian’s place. The party then scanned Cassio’s lost memories and went back in time to watch as Cassio handed over the suitcase to someone in a cloak that obscured all features. Vivian and Andre restore Cassio’s memories. Cassio then reveals that the girl who was murdered, her mother had just gotten out of the hospital that Cassio had been in. Vivian then receives a call from Daryl asking her to meet him at a restaurant to discuss the current events on the case.


Poor Cassio, I hope he doesn’t take this too hard. It could have happened to any of us, especially those that don’t keep mind wards up. Oh this meeting is NOT going to be pleasant. I really don’t trust this guy and i fear he has some awful nasty trick up his sleeve and I don’t like facing him alone. But what can I do? I am a leader, I have to be strong and sometimes face things alone, because my people don’t need a coward right now, they need me to be brave, so that is what I will do.


Andre had been looking for a good excuse to try out his memory trick and is working to perfect it. I don’t like Vivian going off on her own with that creep, but she has to do her thing..and surely nothing bad could happen in a public place. Damn politicians.


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